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When you install a silicone roof system you are choosing the most economical roofing system available today. Silicone is the long lasting roofing material on the market. It has the lowest up-front cost and the lowest maintenance cost of any commercial roofing system. You are going to save up to 60% because there is no need to tear off the old roof. With the long-term energy savings of 15 to 35% off the electricity bill, it makes silicone coating your best business decision. Silicone Roof Coating is architecturally POWERFUL!


Why Select CRC

Tom Dieter, the owner of Commercial Roof Coating Incorporated, the best roof coating company in Florida, is a dedicated professional who will assist you in choosing the right roofing material for your re-roofing project. Tom has specialized in the coating of flat and low-slope roofs composed of metal, TPO-vinyl, EDPM, modified bitumen, spray foam roof and his company specializes in the older tar & gravel roofs. He will provide a free inspection and quote for the ten (10) or fifteen (15) year warranty for the liquid silicone that this company installs. If your roof is not a good candidate for the liquid silicone roof coating for any reason, Tom will provide you with a report and a list of qualified conventional roofers. Commercial Roof Coating Incorporated only applies a straight silicone system or the much higher quality hybrid system of urethane and silicone combined . Tom and his son, Marco, owners of the company, being the best commercial roofing coating contractors, strongly believe in this product that they specialize in this advanced polymer technology exclusively.

What Can I Expect?

Upon request we will come and inspect your roof and provide a report. We can also take infrared pictures of your roof that will assist in your decision process. We upload the pictures and send you a link, so you can view them on your computer. This will help you make the decision of just making repairs, tearing off the roof and installing all new or to apply a cost saving coating. These services are provided at no cost.

If you hire us we will follow the manufacturer’s specifications for the type of roof you have, and we will do an amazing high quality and professional job. We are Certified Applicators for three manufactures, buying direct and not from resellers of relabeled product that is usually off shelf-life.

References Upon Request

Want to talk to our clients? We would love to share references of our clients. References are available upon request. Once requested, our representative will contact you shortly.